Charlie Brown 

My name of course is Charlie Brown. I'm Originally from Conway,NH and been "snow birding" as they call it, since 2002. I moved down to Florida permanently in 2006 and met my now wife and co-shooter Holly Brown. We started up Charlie Brown Photography in middle of 2011 and been evolving ever since! Granted we have only been in business a short period of time and not shy to admit our awesome style and look have come in a short period of time do to hard work and lots of learning and pushing our skills to the next level. My style and look as you can tell brings out the beauty of people but also the landscapes/industrial surroundings on our sessions. We are very open minded and focused on achieving the look you're going for on your wedding day, or any type of sessions for that fact.

I'm very easy going and love to have fun. I certainly love playing some Xbox or PlayStation on my down time. I'm also big football fan and muscle car fanatic! I hope my style and personality fits what you are looking for because we're definitely excited to meet and book with you. We're looking forward to hearing from you to capture your special time!